Gray Play Responsive

Gray Play Responsive Blogger Template

Gray Play Responsive is a simply, responsive and miminilistic theme presenting a woven style that is pleasingly unique among modern web design, Gray Play is a premium looking blogger template with the great typography which brings out the true beauty of the Theme. If you are looking for modern and pastel colored blogger template, then gray play is perfect choice for your blog. -

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Sorazine Responsive

Sorazine Responsive Blogger Template

Sorazine Responsive is one of a class in the series of blogger templates. Beautiful, sleek, well crafted with hands of very experienced designers. Sorazine is Seo optimized to index your blog's faster. Lot of advance features have been added in this blogger template among them advanced page navigation inside post pages is very unique and no-one has installed it yet. Latest web-design technology like CSS3, jQuery have been implemented in this blogger template to make your blog look more fantastic.

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Origins Awesome Blogger

Origins Awesome Blogger Template

Origins Awesome is a 3 Columns, Magazine Style Portfolio Blogger Template. Origins Blogger Template has Featured Content Slider, Navigation Menus, Simple and Beautiful Layout with great design and superb footer with many more features.

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Nasa & Imagine

NasaImagine Blogger Template

NasaImagine is a Mashable style theme and is searched most times over different blogger template sites. Manly inspired themes are created by several blogspot authors. I have also tried to contribute in that. This is another Mashable (classic Theme) inspired blogger template.

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MegaEvol Blogger Template

MegaEvol Blogger Template

MegaEvol is a coming soon blogger template with a stylish minimal design. It features a full screen slide show. The look stands out and will remain memorable to all of your visitors.

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Superhero Magazine Template

Superhero Magazine Blogger Template

Superhero Magazine is a 2 Columns, Magazine Style Minimum Blogger Template. Superhero Blogger Template has Featured Content Slider, Navigation Menus, Simple and Beautiful Layout with Right Sidebar and More Features.

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Fast News Template

FastNews Blogger Template

FastNews is a Ultra-Premium Blogger Template by SoraTemplates. It's features a jaw dropping beautiful layout with industry leading custom social and on site widgets. This template will enhance yours and your visitors Blogger experience. It is full responsive and functional no matter what screen size your visitors are coming from. It is also perfect for monetization and its compact body makes it a strong adsense-ready blogger template.

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Sora Crush

Sora Crush Blogger Template

Sora Crush is a clean multipurpose, elegant template for blogger. It is highly customizable and it is easy to navigate through the posts and of course it is written in the newest standards of HTML5 and CSS3. It is High User Friendly Blogger Template with simple and clean design. Its focus on user experience, usability, and beautiful typography and it will show you how cool and flexible BlogSpot Portfolio and Photography template can be. With an attractive color combination and impressed professionals and has many features.

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WebLogMag Responsive

WebLogMag Responsive Blogger Template

WebLogMag Responsive is a professional blogger template for business blogs, magazines and simple news sites. Weblogmag is coming with plenty of features which makes it easy for us to improve user experience. It is coming with an awesome slider and new ticker along with a recent posts widget.
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Aeromeo Blogger Template

Aeromeo Mag is a stylish and modern magazine Blogger template with a Clean and nice mobile friendly responsive layout. Aeromeo Mag has a well structured design so readers can access your content quickly and easily. This theme is great for your travel blog, news, photos blog etc..

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